Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A-Rod (Yet Again)

MSNBC.com adds fuel to the fire once again by suggesting a move bringing A-Rod to the Angels.

I'm a little bit tired of these. Sure, I bought into the hype back in November. But now I just wish they'd trade him or leave the poor bastard alone.

As I've said before, the A-Rod situation in New York is lose/lose for him.

Especially when you compound that with the "leadership" of Derek Jeter, whose tenure as Captain has made Custer look good as a General.

The Freeway (World) Series

Tom Verducci. For reasons I'm sure you'll quickly understand, this man is my favorite person on the planet today.

I really could think of no finer World Series. I'm sure that opinion would be echoed by a majority of the people within a 100 mile radius of me.

The rest of the country would be bored to suicide, though.

But I don't live in the rest of the country. I live in Orange County.

So, let's go Angels and Dodgers! The last preseason games of the year will be a Freeway Series, let's have the final games of the postseason be one as well!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow, has it really been a month?

No better way to lose what few readers I have than not post, but unfortunately my personal life has been a series of crises since early December, and that means that posting in a stupid baseball blog takes a backseat to everything else.

But, as usual, it could always be worth. For example, I could be Gary Matthews, Jr.

It's been easy to criticize Arte Moreno this offseason. His failure to deliver on his "something big" promise showed how much of a rookie owner he is. But, even with that, it's impossible to turn on Arte because of what he has made this franchise in the last four years. He's turned this franchise from a second-rate club on par with the Montreal Expos and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays into one of the most respectable and admired teams in the league.

And, as is obvious with this whole Gary Matthews Jr. business, he cares about the team, its image, and its fans.

This article at SI.com shows a portrait of an owner that should be the envy of every other team in Major League Baseball. His vociferous pursuit of information in Gary Matthews, Jr.'s HGH scandal is the type of action owners should have been taking toward performance enhancing drugs years ago.

I understand Matthews' reluctance to talk. But this is not a court of law; it's a court of public opinion. And while taking the 5th may be a way to operate in the legal system, it ain't gonna work with the 45,000 fans whose asses sit in the seats at Angel Stadium.

The truth will set you free, Gary. We can be quite forgiving, if you only tell the truth.