Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Angels Sign Hillenbrand!

The Angels sign Shea Hillenbrand to a 1-year contract.

Considering I've pretty much blown my wad on posting today, I'm struggling to come up with any deep insight into this signing, other than I think it's pretty damn good.

While Shea Hillenbrand has been hit or miss in his career, signing him to a 1-year contract pretty much ensures that we're going to get his best, as he'll be a free agent again next year and is certainly going to want to have good numbers for that contract.

And, as he can play 1st or 3rd base, this gives us a lot more solidity in the infield. While he's not the huge bat Arte promised us, this is another step toward bringing the offense up to where it needs to be.

So, welcome to the Angels, Shea! Come to play, come to win, and we'll love you here!

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Danny said...

As long as Shea doesn't leave any messages on the clubhouse walls... :)

Seriously though, this was a decent signing. Not only does it give us a reliable (though unspectacular bat), but it also lets us give some of the young kids a chance to play without the crushing wight of expectations that have (so far at least) hurt Dallas Macpherson and Casey Kotchman. Howie Kendrick came on last year and did a good job, maybe because he started out being platooned and inserted into a position that we didn't expect him to play, lowering expectations?

Anyway, we don't have a big bopper to protect Vlad yet, but we're moving in the right direction. Now, if Dallas could get rid of whatever is holding him back (his back, nerves, whatever it is...)