Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hudlerism #1

I don't think I've ever hidden my hatred of Rex Hudler, but it's during the season when I have to listen to this shell of a "color commentator" and his clever nicknames (usually made by putting a "y" at the end of a player's name! Chris Berman look out!) that I wear this hatred on my sleeve and my deadly sin becomes ENVY due to Dodgers fans having Vin Scully...

So, starting here, every time this hack says something stupid or unprofessional, I'm posting it here. Number 1 is from last night's game:

"Figgy's gonna have to take a chill pill for a few weeks."

Can you in your wildest dreams imagine Joe Buck or Vin Scully saying that?

Didn't think so.

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Havlicek said...

Great addition to the column. It is about time someone grills Hudler for being the lame-duck commentator that he is. Arte needs to replace him. His appeal is only that which transferred over from his underdog status as an athlete. And I use the term "athlete" loosely.